Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Done with the Make over! Yay!

I really didn't take good before pics of family room with old curtains and things on the wall (which I had a lot of country things on the walls) but you can get the idea.



Before (I actually had a country braided rug underneath the table before this one and then changed it as I moved on with decorating decisions.


Well, it has been some time since I have done any scapping or blogging. I have worked for 5 straight weeks on peeling off old wallpaper and painting and changing my decor from country to urban. We still have to get new carpeting in the family room. Here are a couple before and after pictures. I took everything out and started fresh! I told my hubby that it is my mid-life crisis. I did most of the work myself including some of the electrical part. (put a dimmer switch in! woo hoo!) I had to prime all the woodwork and give it all two coats of paint. I made the window seat cushion and painted my dining room light and fireplace doors and vents a "hammered brown" color to modernize them somewhat. I was doing this on a budget so I found ways to" make it new." The kitchen is a teal not a bright blue as it can appear on the computer. I really like how it turned out. I have missed scrapping but will get back to it as soon as we get back from Las Vegas! Going away for a bit. I need the break! Have a great day everybody!