Sunday, June 8, 2014

Playing with texture and canvases

I was making my one daughter a birthday 10 x 10canvas with a 5 x 7 canvas on canvas effect and mistakenly used copic markers to create a chevron design underneath the white section on the right side.  I decided against the marker design and continued to try to cover it up with acrylic white paint only to discover that it will continue to bleed through.  I started over for her gift.  The  daughter with her new pup is the finished product.  I should have taken a side view to show the dimension of the canvas on the canvas.  Then I didn't want to just throw the other canvas away so I tried painting over the open white area with distress white paint and even tried a coat of distress stain.  I was not liking the color so I thought why not add  more color instead of whites!  I continued to add areas of different colors of distress paint and spritzed them with water to make them bleed and dabbed them dry.  I then used Tim Holtz's stencils with vintage photo distress ink to layer the background.  I had 6 little canvases that I layed next to one another.  I printed my other daughter and son-in-law's engagement photo in sepia onto tissue paper and modge podged it to these six canvases.  I like how the tissue paper picked up the texture in the canvases as well as the seams between the canvases as they appear brick like as the bricks are the background of the photograph.  I used pop dots to raise the flat canvases off of the larger 10 x 10 canvas to give it more dimension.  I love how it turned out!  The left side was done by using various distress paints, taping off a design with painters tape and then painting white over the entire canvas.  When you pull off the tape, voila!  The design is now in your distress paint colors that you used!  I cannot for the life of me remember the web site that I got this idea from so I apologize to that person...thank you for sharing your inspiration as it truly did inspired me to create these girfts!