Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 4 Chem 102

Day 4 completed also!!!!  These are fun!

Day 3 Chem 102

Day 3 is done!  Used what I had!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 2 Chem 102

Day 2 of Tim's class....

Day 1 Tags Chem 102

Doing Tim Holtz's class again!  Love it!  Here are my tags from Day 1

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Another Patchwork using Photo Silhouette

I decided to try to another patchwork piece (Dyan Reaveley) but I wanted to use a home made silohouette of my son holding his son. (My first Grandson)  I made the silhouette in Adobe Photoshop by blacking out the photo and then printing it and cutting it out.  I had printed the silhouette a little too large because it didn't fit onto the stencil mask that I wanted to cut it out of.  But I decided to to just use the paper that I cut it out of.  It doesn't transfer onto the left page as well so I just used distress paint to outline it.  I then outlined a smaller printed out silhouette.  I like that you are able to identify your own family by their silhouette even though you cannot see their faces.  You just know who they are.  It's personal.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dyan Reaveley Technique

I thought I would try one of Dyan's techniques in my journal.  I must say it was relaxing and fun to do!  I did have to create my own Bert because I do not own him so I drew him free hand with a marker on some Mask plastic and cut it out!  It worked fine!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Tag Bookmark

I played with some more masks today and made this bookmark for my daughter.  She wanted a cool bookmark.  I don't know if she thinks it is cool but I do because of the masking.  I added some lines to the flourish mask with the faded jeans distress marker.  I water colored the flowers by applying distress ink onto my mat and picking it up with a water brush.  I love the colors.  Peacock, mustard see, gathered twigs and peeled paint.  It was edged with walnut stain.

Sunflowers and Distress Markers

I was feeling like I needed a bit more summer so I stamped away with a new sunflower stamp and colored them with my distress markers!  I love how the distress markers shade the colors.  It never gets old and is so de-stressing to do!! haha!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Discovering Myself Tag

I love Tim Holts's Remnant Rubs!  The details are great and the choice of words are fantastic so that you can make about any sentiment that you want.  The background of this tag was actually made from waste inks on my mat from other projects.  I love the colors that combined to make this background.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

August Tag 2013

I love masking!  Tim Hotlz's August Tag 2013 is all about using this masking technique.  This technique is so cool!  I love the dimension that you get using it.  Here are my two different size tags that I used the masking technique. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

BlueRoomInk sold in Gorants!

I am so excited!  My artwork is now for sale in Gorants Candy Store located in Canfield, Ohio!!!  The manager there is starting a new idea of promoting local artists and I am her first recruit!  Yay!  After she gets a few others on board some local advertising will take place and 3 months before the holidays a huge billboard will advertise our being local artists with items for sale in their store!  She loves my artwork and actually took on a few more items today so my display will be changing by tomorrow.  I am so excited and honored that she felt that my artwork was worthy of her store!

Monday, July 15, 2013

De-Stressing with Distress Inks!

Well, my daughter's wedding is over and I needed to De-stress.  What better way than with distress inks and "coloring!"  I just started stamping and used my distress markers to color in the stamps.  I actually like it better with the white background but I did grunge it up with water colored background and I filled it in using an applicator and vintage photo distress ink.  It was a wonderful way to unwind from all commotion from the wedding!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Come Home Soon

This is a started like this...I was making tissue printed pictures for my daughter to give as gifts to her friends...then it got me thinking.   How could I use this tissue paper as a background for a new project...hmmm...
Bam!  I applied Modgepodge to a 9 x 12 inch canvas and glued white tissue paper on to it.

I love the wrinkled texture....
Then I folded it neatly on the backside and modgepodged it down.

I dried it....
Then I applied glue stick for resist over top a tree template and the brick wall template.  I picked a wrong template for this procedure with the trees.   But I was happy with the brick...but my stencil was dirty so a bit of color went on the the resist and it was no problem.

So now I needed color...what to use...what to use....Dylusion sprays was my choice!  Turquoise, Black, Grass Green and Red!
 Next I dried it with my ranger drier.....look at how the colors ran into the tissue wrinkles and shaded the texture!  Love! I wiped the resist brick with a damp paper towel but I had to be really careful as tissue paper will rip very easily.  The trees barely showed up so I needed to do something else!

Spray the tree stencil with Dylusions White spray!  yes!

Next....make a door leading to the brick....using grunge I die cut all 3 Pediments because I couldn't decide which I wanted to use.  I am sure I will use the other 2 on another project sometime.
I picked this one...I used walnut stain distress ink on it as well as black soot,  Then I outlined the grooves with the black soot distress marker.
Oops. I guess I forgot to take a picture of the distress marker lines but it will show up in the final pictures below.  Now, this building needs someone to live in it, right?  Who else but Umbrella Man!!!  I cut him out of grunge as well and black soot distress ink always suits him well.

I hand cut a rectangle out of grunge and stamped it with one of Stamper's Anonymous classics #7 stamps to give it a stone look. I bent the door so that it opened.  I glued black cardstock to the back of it to give it a dark room entrance appearance.  (Nobody's home)  I added a lock and a hitchfastner as a door knob.  Long fasteners worked as door hinges and I tattered them with Tim's hammer. I used pop dots to raise the door and the Umbrella Man off the canvas a bit.  He needed a lamp post to be underneath so I stamped with archival black in my lamp post stamp.  I colored the light with a mustard seed distress marker to illuminate it.
Then I added a grassy stamp that I had (and I cannot remember the name of it).  I added some to the left and right of Umbrella Man.  Of course we needed a sentiment.  I used Pink Stamper's "Come Home Soon" stamp because it looks as if Umbrella man is looking for someone to come home soon.  I also hung a little key off of his umbrella hook. 

I love the texture of this artwork!  Love love love the texture! (Did I say that I loved it?)  Okay, ha I found these wonderful open frames at JoAnns and I popped it into it.  Voila!  Framed artwork!  It looks great on my BlueRoomInk wall which is of course turquoise Blue!!!!!