Saturday, September 28, 2013

Another Patchwork using Photo Silhouette

I decided to try to another patchwork piece (Dyan Reaveley) but I wanted to use a home made silohouette of my son holding his son. (My first Grandson)  I made the silhouette in Adobe Photoshop by blacking out the photo and then printing it and cutting it out.  I had printed the silhouette a little too large because it didn't fit onto the stencil mask that I wanted to cut it out of.  But I decided to to just use the paper that I cut it out of.  It doesn't transfer onto the left page as well so I just used distress paint to outline it.  I then outlined a smaller printed out silhouette.  I like that you are able to identify your own family by their silhouette even though you cannot see their faces.  You just know who they are.  It's personal.

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  1. Hi, Nancy! Wow, you've got me wanting to go and play around in Photoshop and using my Silhouette... lol!!! This looks fabulous and looks like it was a lot of fun! I bet your family got a big kick out of this!