Sunday, March 25, 2012

Etsy Store

My etsy store is up! Yeah! It has taken a bit of time getting things ready but I finally am live! I have more listings to post but that takes time. Hopefully I will finish that up this week and we shall see how things go. This is a whole new adventure for me and I am loving making things to sell. You can see it at


  1. Yay Nancy! Congratulations on the new store. I went and checked it out, and even signed up for Etsy so I could 'favorite' your shop. Hope ou get some sales soon-you have beautiful projects. I also looked around Etsy(which i have never really done before), there is so much great stuff out there. Now I have one more place to spend time online. :) Best of luck to you in your new venture.

  2. Absolutely love the butterfly tags.;)Great items.