Sunday, August 22, 2010


Over the years I have slowly converted my oldest daughter's former bedroom into my scraproom. There was a period of time that my second daughter used this room as her "own" bedroom during her breaks from college since her older sister had pretty much moved out, but was not permantly moved out. So I was trying to appease the two of them by painting the room a color that would match both of their completely different comforters so that it would coordinate depending on who was currently (and in most cases,temporarily moving back home). I settled on a beautiful turquoise blue in a couple of shades. (one above the chair rail and one below the chair rail) It then was always referred to as "the blue room." I now officially scrap in the "blue room." My daughters keep telling me that I need to change my blog site name to Blue Room Creations! I like that idea but I didn't know how difficult this would be since I do have 20 followers. I don't want to lose them so I must figure out a way to transfer the new name along. I decided to change my background to blue now that I am no longer totally "green" at blogging. I also learned that being "green" also meant something else to my 2nd daughter. I wasn't being eco "green" which she only knew "green" to mean. I meant "green" as to being new at something....that is showing my age and generation I guess. Gotta love it!

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