Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Cards

Here are some Christmas cards that I have been making. I better finish the envelopes and get them in the mail!!!! We have a snow storm coming our way so the mail may slow down! Ha ha!


  1. Great cards-very sophisticated! You have so many good ideas!! DId you get the big snow down your way? We got about a foot with winds off the lake and now below zero temps on the way-brrr. (Did you see the video of the Metrodome collapse? WILD!) How did you do the silent night card? Is it embossing if something else? It is very pretty.

  2. Paula, the silent night card is just shimmer paper run through the cuddle bug using the Winter House cuttlbebug folder. The effect is nice and I was pleasantly surprised! We are getting the snow storm starting tonight. Yikes!

  3. Wow-so easy and beautiful. I'll have to try it myself. Hope you are all dug out of the snow. I guess winter is here to stay for this year! It is beautiful though. :)