Friday, July 29, 2011

Wedding boxes

Well, the wedding is next week. I have made 353 favor boxes and filled them with candy. We are expecting 335 people at the wedding so I will have a few extra to decorate with. Whew! This took some time. I haven't had any time to do blogging as of late since we are getting ready for the wedding and I am having two bathrooms remodeled and a kitchen light above my island remodeled! It has been a non stop summer!!!! They finished the main bathroom in time for my family and guests but I told them to wait until after the wedding to start the master bathroom. So I have been creative in different ways!.....I will post more after the wedding.


  1. Wow, how cute!!! You must have been super busy!!! 353 boxes!!!

    You did a wonderful job!

  2. Thank you Auderey! It has been a crazy time!!!!

  3. Nancy, I am amazed!!

    Wow-what a special treat for the wedding. Hope you all have a wonderful day! Best wishes to the happy couple!