Sunday, September 25, 2011


Hello fellow scrap bloggers! I know I have been MIA from scrapping and posting. I have had surgery! I had my sacroilliac joint fused with three pins. I didn't think it would take this much out of me! Whew! I am on a walker for 3 weeks! Yikes! That is a long time. I am not allowed to put enough pressure on my left leg that would break an egg!!!! It has really been a challenge. I did not feel well enough to even want to scrap anything the last week and a half but I find I am feeling a bit better and actually got myself in my scrap room chair. I thought I would make some coffee cup coasters with some distress inks but I realized after struggling to my chair that my distress inks were a whole 5 feet away in the closet and that was just too far and difficult for me to get them out. Instead I just packed my gypsy into my bag that I carry along with the walker and headed to the stairs. (Oh, I have to use a crutch to get up and down the stairs) I have one crutch upstairs with a walker and one crutch downstairs and a walker. That way I don't have to struggle carrying a walker up and down the steps. I planted myself on the loveseat where I have been living all day/night and updated my gypsy as well as linked a new cartridge that my girlfriend had given to me for my birthday gift. I do want you to know that I did my surgery around my weekend crops! I guess after 3 weeks the doctor will let me fly and I can lift and do whatever I please after that! I have a crop in Sugarcreek, Ohio the very next weekend. I sure hope that I can carry all my heavy cropping bags into the hotel for the weekend. I did this surgery because for the past 7 years I have suffered from sciatica pain down my backside to my mid back thigh area. I had tried everything from chiropractors to muscle relaxers to back injections. I finally got sent to the "God of back surgeons" in our area. He thought right away that it was the sacroilliac joint. (this is the joint where the pelvis (Illiac bone) meets the spine(sacrum)) As of right now I do not have the sciatic pain down my back thigh! It is hard to tell because I have a lot of surgical pain and inflammation from the surgery. I couldn't sit or lay down without constant gnawing deep pain before. So now maybe I will be a lot more comfortable while scrapping!!! Woo Hoo!!!! Maybe I will be more productive!!!! One could only hope!!!

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