Friday, November 5, 2010

I Joined a Gym

I finally joined the new gym that is geared to the general public. It is only $10.00/month and it will keep me running throughout the cold winter months! I ran a bit over 4 miles today which took me one hour. I haven't run recently so I was pleased that I was able to run at all. I am a bit tired tonight but all in all, it felt great to start a routine again. I am in the process of making a cake in box explosion card for my Mom's 87th birthday. When I finish it I will post it. :)


  1. Good luck at the gym. I am hoping to get back to mine this week after 6 weeks off from a broken ankle. I am sure it will be like starting all over again, Ugh. I admire that you run. Not my thing. I like the elliptical.

  2. This is totally awesome!!! Your Mom is going to LOVE it!!!! Fantastic job.
    I so need to get my behind making this!! lol