Thursday, May 23, 2013

Scrap Room Organized!

     Well, I tackled my scrap room organization!  At least 98% if it anyway.  This has been an on going project of 3 weeks or so.  This is how things were looking!  Yikes!!!!

      I had to totally purge the closet that still had 2 of my daughters' things in it and they have been moved out for years.  I bought big plastic tubs and "tubbed" their lingering belongings!
       I then wanted to add shelving.  After a trip to Home Depot I discovered that the shelves for closets were not wide enough.  I found some bi-fold doors that were exactly the width I needed AND they were wider in depth!  I simply took off the hinges and used them as shelves!  I have built in shelves on the inside of the left side of the closet so I was able to simply lay the bi-fold door on that and mounted two brackets on the other side.  I found the bi-fold doors were lighter but sturdier than the closet shelves too.  I removed the hanging bar and stored it if needed some other time.

      I bought the large plastic drawer to put my large punches in.  I then mounted a cafe rod in the back of the closet that holds the most used punches.  I organized paper by color and size into various boxes.  I put all my Tim Holtz dies in the 123 box.  I used to have them in drawers but I find it much easier to grab them right out of this box.  Yes there is a lot of stuff in this closet but I labeled the boxes to make finding things much easier.  I hung my "jewelry" storage with the plastic pockets on the opened bi-fold doors that belong to the closet.  This way I can see the stamps inside or the other punches that did not fit in the drawer.  I still am organizing my 12 x 12 paper pads into the canvas box and the tan box on the floor.

                         I fell in love with this little polka dotted lamp that I got at Hobby Lobby 50% off!

I found this shelf unit in the closet, one of my daughters had made it in high school.  I thought it would make a great shelf for some of my Tim Holtz stamps!

I also have a wonderful hutch that needed cleaned out and this is how it turned out!  Notice on the right side the wonderful top part of the clip it up!  I happened to get it 50% off as well in Hobby Lobby!  It holds my Stampers Anonymous stamps and various cling stamps so well!  You know what they say...out of sight out of mind!  Here I can just spin it around and find what I need for the project that I am currently working on.  I love it!

  Here are some close ups of my Tim Holtz "123" box and the great paper storage boxes that are stamped with clocks!  I found these at a discount store and only paid $1.00 per box!  They are great for my 8 x 11 1/2 paper.  Check out the awesome wooden box that I found at TJMaxx that holds all my distress paints, distress stains and extra paint dabbers!  It's great because of it has handles that I can just grab it out of the closet if I need the whole box.

Here's a close up of more storage inside the closet.  Notice the box with the brown damask on it.  Funny I was checking out at Walmart I noticed two empty gum boxes at the register and asked if they were just going to throw them away.  The employee said yes and I asked if I could have them and voila!  I got them for free!!!! I knew that they would hold my 4 x 6 paper pads perfectly!  I had picked up some "removable wallpaper border" (which is nothing but wider washi tape) in a clearance bin on this same trip and I already was covering the box in my mind with it.  I love how it turned out!  Up-cycling is fun!

This is a former shoe storage box that I decided to put my long border punches in as well as some miscellaneous items.  I have lots of  Tim Holtz goodies in the plastic drawers also.  To the right of this is my work table.  The hutch also has a table that slides in and out but I find that I just hide things in there that I don't want my kids to see when I am working on a gift for them.  Right now I am in wedding mode as my oldest daughter is getting married this July!  So I have some things hidden in there for now.

It has been a lot of work but so worth it now!  I have taken a panoramic view of the room starting at the hutch and ending with the dresser.  Notice my CC101 tags hanging on the dresser knob!  Also I love the tag holder on top of the dresser which is really a jewelry storage piece.  You just have to use your imagination when you see these items at the store.  Think out of the box!  I hope you enjoyed my tour!  Now I feel like I can relax and create in a semi-organized space!  :)

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